Singapore: Prudential's talent engagement programme to equip students with workplace skills and competencies

| 12 Feb 2024

Prudential Singapore (Prudential) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to support students in developing targeted skills and competencies to boost their competitiveness in the corporate world. This is an initiative under Prudential's Talent Engagement Ecosystem (TEE-Up) that supports students and young adults in their professional development, as they transition from schools to workplaces. Close to 90 attendees from ITE, Polytechnics, Prudential and industry experts, were at the recent MOU event.

As part of the three-year MOU, about 3,000 ITE students will benefit from a range of future-ready workforce courses on automation, financial literacy, generative AI, and design thinking, as well as internships and the TEE-Up mentorship programme. Prudential will hold industry talks and/or learning journeys for ITE students to help them understand and appreciate the use of technology and sustainability practices in the financial services sector. Prudential will also provide opportunities for ITE students to apply their learnings and bolster their portfolios through internships, events and hackathons, building a strong foundation for their future careers. 

Under TEE-Up, students can explore more than 300 videos on various social media channels. These include interviews with professionals like a chief financial officer, productivity tips from a scientist, and entrepreneurial stories such as the founding of a guitar business. In addition to consuming content, students are encouraged to become co-creators of the video content, sharing their own internship experiences. Furthermore, TEE-Up provides access to programmes and content designed by career development coaches to help prepare them for the working world by identifying their key competencies and areas of growth. 

Since the pilot launch of TEE-Up in 2022, Prudential has also collaborated with five polytechnics in Singapore to prepare their students for the workforce. Students are paired with more than 120 mentors under the programme who are experts across different industries such as financial services, wholesale trade, technology, and design.