Singapore: AIA SG bridges critical illness knowledge gap with hilarious campaign

| 05 Mar 2024

AIA Singapore has launched a thematic film in tandem with the launch of its newest critical illness plan, AIA Ultimate Critical Cover (AIA UCC). The AIA UCC plan offers extensive coverage of 150 medical conditions and 73 critical illnesses across early, intermediate, and major stages.

The campaign aims to drive even more awareness towards the need to be sufficiently protected against critical illnesses (CI) and the accessible CI coverage available for Singaporeans, following a recent study commissioned by AIA Singapore.

Findings revealed that consumers significantly underestimate the necessary amount of CI coverage that they require, and there is a critical knowledge gap among those without CI plans, smokers, and the younger demographics.

At the core of this campaign is a five-minute film, Confessions Of A Liar — that delves into the intricacies of familial bonds, conveyed through the playful dynamic between the middle-aged protagonist and his mother through the different seasons in his life, including a phase of critical illness. 

The narrative unfolds with the protagonist, characterised by his tongue-in-cheek humour, delivering a heartfelt birthday speech amidst loved ones. His reflections reveal a lifetime woven with playful exchanges with his mother, where he humorously attempts to trick her, only to find her consistently ahead.

For example, when the protagonist tries to forge a note from his mother to get out of a fitness class only for his mother to sign him up for line dancing.  

This enduring bond continues even in the challenging times of illness, serving as a resilient force that keeps their spirits buoyant despite the adversities of cancer.

The campaign was done in partnership with Havas Village Singapore. 

“At Havas, we are all about being meaningful. That is, to deliver work that makes a positive difference to brands and businesses we work with, from our client partnerships to consumer engagements," said Kenny Yap, managing director of Socialyse, Havas Play and Havas Red. "We are humbled with the integrated opportunity to collaborate with AIA Singapore to launch this heartfelt thematic film with a touch of humor, elevating the awareness and importance of critical illness coverage.” 

The social and digital campaign will run till April, in conjunction with its tactical marketing initiatives to create more awareness on the importance of having adequate critical illness coverage, reported Marketing Interactive.