#InsuranceInspired: One-on-one coaching session with speaker, Jaslyn Ng

| 04 Nov 2020

Video edited by Sharon Zhong

Insurance Inspired Speaker, Jaslyn Ng, Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year 2019 held an exclusive one-on-one coaching session with Estee Kho, one of the few lucky winners during the live draw of the Insurance Inspired virtual summit.

Co-organised with Jensen Siaw International, and sponsor GoalsMapper, Asia Advisers Network organised the first-ever Insurance Inspired - Winning in the New Normal virtual summit by bringing together 18 of the biggest names in the insurance industry in Asia. 

The 3-day virtual summit was a response to Covid-19, and we didn't expect such overwhelming support and participation from friends in the insurance industry all across Asia. We had over 20,000 views and many personally wrote in to say they had learnt a lot from the international speakers at the Insurance Inspired virtual summit. 

Other than giving away books from top agency leaders, we were also selecting active participants to win a one-on-one coaching session with their selected speaker. 

We're glad Jaslyn Ng and Estee Kho were okay with us "crashing" their coaching session and agreed that we could record the session to further provide value to the rest of the insurance community. We hope you'd find the coaching session as useful as Estee did. 

Learn from the 18 speakers again?

Missed out on the #InsuranceInspired summit or simply just want to refresh the lessons you took away? Now you can get to watch, and learn again and again at your own pace in the comfort of your home through the recording of the event at the price of only US$239 !!

Given the time and effort that the 18 speakers have forked out, and the amount of value that you get in return, if it helps to elevate your practice to the next level, this could be priceless to you!

Get your access to download the 3 days virtual summit video here

The 18 speakers consist of the biggest names in the insurance industry:


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“Insurance Inspired: Winning in the New Normal” was organised by Asia Advisers Network, with Co-Organiser Jensen Siaw International and Sponsor GoalsMapper.