AIA Singapore: 8-year-old learns why being a Financial Services Consultant is #NotJustAnotherJob

| 21 Dec 2020

Video produced by Azri Bahari

A career in financial advisory is one that is often misunderstood and even shunned. So I sent my 8-year-old son Nathan to AIA Singapore to find out more about the role of a Financial Services Consultant.

Spending the day at AIA Tower, he had the chance to learn from Lim Yi Jie and Sally Wong, both Financial Services Consultants, and Candice Lee, a Premier Consultant.

Coming from different backgrounds and careers prior to joining AIA Singapore, they shared with Nathan their experience, the challenges they face, their role as a navigator who maps the way to their customers’ life goals, what they love about the career and their advice to him and anyone who wishes to embark on a career in financial advisory.

Watch the video. If an 8-year-old can understand that this is not just another job, so will you.

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Eligible candidates will undertake soft and technical skills training to enhance their industry employability, as well as receive financial support to sustain them whilst enrolled in the programme.

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Produced in collaboration with AIA Singapore, in line with continued efforts by the government of Singapore to create and sustain job opportunities for Singaporeans.

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