Hong Kong: Sun Life debuts elite service ecosystem for HNW clients

| 08 Jul 2024

Sun Life has launched the "HNW Value-Added Service Ecosystem" to provide an extensive range of services tailored for high-net-worth (HNW) clients in Asia, focusing on health, enhancement, and value creation.

The initiative involves a collaboration with HealthMutual Group to create an elite medical network, offering clients access to premier medical services from institutions such as CUHK Medical Centre, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, and various private and Class 3A public hospitals across Mainland China through the eSunPro healthcare platform. 

It aligns with the Hong Kong SAR government’s introduction of several policy measures, including the “New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme”, to support the growth of family offices and enhance the financial services sector.

The eSunPro platform includes the “Family Concierge” service, extending designated services to the families of clients.

The ecosystem aims to help HNW clients protect their health, preserve assets, and transfer wealth through a variety of products and services.

“High-net-worth clients have their own unique needs, from general wealth planning, protecting assets to pass on to their next generation, as well as superior service and health protection,” said Mr Clement Lam, CEO of Sun Life Hong Kong. “All these require top talents to manage and professional service to support. With over 30 years of experience in serving the high-net-worth clients, along with the expertise of our professional team and our proven underwriting capacity, our ‘HNW Value-Added Service ECO system’ fulfils the diverse needs of high-net-worth clients to preserve assets, pass on wealth, and protect health.” 

Ms Christine Yeung, general manager, life and health of Sun Life Hong Kong, added, “Our ‘HNW Value-Added Service ECO system’ is a suite of high-quality support services designed for high-net-worth Clients. We understand that stroke, cancer and heart disease have serious impacts on families. It is our honour to partner with the top local private hospitals, enabling us to leverage their medical expertise to provide more client-oriented healthcare value-added services to refine our current scope of services,” reported Insurance Business.