What it really means to be a million-dollar agency- Jaslyn Ng Group

| 23 Aug 2021

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The Jaslyn Ng Group, helmed by senior financial services manager (SFSM) Jaslyn Ng herself, qualified for million-dollar agency (MDA) criteria just six months into 2021. As of first half 2021, Jaslyn Ng Group is ranked top three within Prudential in the same SFSM category. The lean team of 11 financial consultants (FC) are now striving to become a multi-million-dollar agency by the end of the year.

Qualifying as an MDA should not only hold a great deal in the eyes of an FC, but also in the eyes of the customers.


Besides being an all-elite agency with team members dedicated to their profession, it also means that the agency is paying attention to their clients’ needs by providing comprehensive protection to aide their clients in bad times like accidents or when critical illnesses hit, all while growing their clients’ wealth and protecting their assets.

When asked how her team easily achieved MDA within six months, she replied, “They are always listening to their client’s needs and offering tailored advice along with products best suited to their client’s needs and lifestyle. This translates to clients being more agreeable in undertaking the suggested policies, which then translates into getting more clients referrals.”

Apart from physically listening to their clients by engaging in virtual meetings and phone calls, her team of social media savvy consultants takes “listening” to a whole new level.  All 11 members on her team are active on social media where they keep in touch and stay updated by scrolling through their clients’ posts and stories.

“Social media was instrumental from day one of me joining this industry. Time was of the essence, and I needed the fastest way to reach out from one to many. I reckon that only social media further allows me to proliferate this outreach exponentially. On a day-to-day basis, typically I would spend two to three hours of my day scrolling feeds and posting meaningful content on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.”

“Social media also allows me to be in constant contact with my clients be it happy milestones such as marriage, pregnancy, new house, new car, etc. Of course, I would quickly jump in to proactively assist if they are facing challenging times such accident, family crisis.”

Committed to this journey

Ten out of eleven of Jaslyn’s team members are mid-career switchers. A few came from management roles, while the others were successful in their former jobs prior to joining the Jaslyn Ng Group.

This mid-career switch is a major factor in their success as financial consultants. These team members have experience and maturity under their belt, and it usually takes a great deal of courage, commitment, determination, and enlightenment (for some of them) to take a leap of faith into a new industry such as financial planning.

“Despite being a lean team, we managed to insure 180 lives as of Jun 2021. Thankfully, we are agile and were able to adapt quickly to digital tools, so, we were productive even during lockdowns. The team worked harder during the pandemic as we saw that many families did not have adequate coverage to protect their lives, assets, and income.”

She added, “Currently, 80% of all our cases are protection plans, while the remaining 20% are wealth accumulation plans. This split proves that my team and I are committed to getting as many people protected as possible, and we target to protect at least 350 lives by end of 2021.”

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