How to win the hearts and minds of C-suites? - Jaslyn Ng, Court of the Table

| 20 Jan 2021

Video produced by Sharon Zhong

Jaslyn Ng, three-time Court of the Table producer, Financial Services Manager and Asia's Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards, has a good 15% of her clientele base consisting of C-level executives.

Impressively, Jaslyn became the financial consultant to Wilf Blackburn, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore’s then-CEO, within six months of her joining the industry.

Speaking at the Insurance Inspired Virtual Summit, Jaslyn shared how she became the go-to financial adviser to so many C-suites, and how you can, too.

Credibility and credentials to gain trust

Being a finalist at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Awards for Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year gave her “tremendous spotlight and a kind of credibility to talk to more people, and to talk to more seasoned clients”, she said. Plus, it helps that prior to becoming a financial consultant, Jaslyn had been a high-flying HR Director at a huge company. Her understanding of and exposure to directors and senior executives help her better understand the perspectives of these C-suites.

How to achieve MDRT – by Jaslyn

For Jaslyn, when meeting an executive for the first time, she would send across her profile and credentials to present herself as the expert in the space of financial planning.

For newbies in the industry, Jaslyn said that you are still a specialist in certain areas of financial planning, so you have to be well-prepared and work towards your strong points. Sure, the executives are good at managing their companies, but always bear in mind that licensed practitioners are specialists in their field and should be the experts.

Keeping real and grounded

For most people, the fear of talking to executives is very real. And overcoming this fear is the first step if you want to work with C-suites. With thousands of C-level executives out there, you’ll bound to meet one like Will Blackburn who was simply “waiting for the first financial consultant to speak to him in his 14 months as CEO”.

A day in the shoes of Asia's Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year- Jaslyn Ng

As strategic thinkers, senior executives with their leadership skills and astute business acumen have a knack of reading people. “So, be authentic. They can spot people who are trying to hide something and will be mindful not to engage with you,” said Jaslyn.

Sometimes saying “I don’t know, but I will check it out” helps manage expectations and gives clients a sense of commitment to solving their issue. It is perfectly normal that no one has all the answers, but the act of making an effort to find out the answer is what will connect the customer to you.

Timestamp: 26m 30s Q&A with Insurance Inspired attendees

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