Behind every success story is a point of inflection - Matthew Chew

| 26 Jan 2021

"Embedded deep in every successful businessman's story, there is always this point of inflection," said Matthew Chew, Top 5 Inspirational Agency Leader of the Year at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

This point of inflection is a realisation that: “Sh*t happens. So does life.”

Matthew, only 34 years of age, is Executive Director of Advisors Alliance Group, one of the top financial advisory groups based in Singapore. Starting with just two people in his personal team in 2013, he now has some 100 advisers under his care.

To help others dig deep and to reflect – “to find out who and what motivates you, how to go about finding it and how to then live it” – and to pen down some of the most powerful lessons that he has ever learned on his journey, Matthew authored the book “Me-ssion: Getting your Shit Together.”

We checked in with Matthew to find out the inspiration behind his book:

Begin with the end in mind

"If there is one thing I learned, it is that finding what motivates you, will propel you forward and see you through tough times.

Many of us, when young, have no clue what we want to pursue, now how to go about pursuing it.

The purpose of this book is to help you dig deep and to reflect on yourself – to find who and what motivates you, how to go about finding it and how to then live it.

Stop talking. Start acting.

Looking back at my life and career, it was a journey peppered with countless ups and downs. And the thing about life is that most people see only my ups, but what I most vividly recall – are the downs.

There was this point in life I recall most clearly – embedded deep in every successful businessman’s story, there is always this point of inflection. This point of inflection is a realisation that: Sh*t happens. So does life.

Some years back, I attended an industry conference. The platform speaker spoke passionately about finding one’s purpose in life. She mentioned the mandarin term of “mission” (Shi Ming). For some strange reason, this term was etched deeply into my mind.

When I got the idea to pen down some of the most powerful lessons that I have ever learned in a book, the term, Shi Ming, immediately came to mind. Indubitably, I knew how I wanted to title the book.

I knew at a young age that in order to live a fulfilling life, I needed to find a mission, a purpose, in life. What I did not yet understand was – it may take my lifetime to find that purpose.

Now, remember that point of inflection?
Sh*t happens all the time. The difference, I finally figured was this – Perception.

I had to see things differently. And the perception had to change from within me. I embarked on a personal mission, a me-ssion, to get my sh*t together.

I wanted this book to marry both the advice that I have, with implementable action. I did not want it to be a book where the experience is just one of passive reading. The best value of the book comes when you assimilate your thoughts with mine.

I am a man on a mission.

I hope that through the course of this book, you embrace this mission, too.”


Would you like a copy of the book? We have some copies for our readers to help you find your mission and to live it.

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